Walking Videos


Standing still for over 20 minutes at a time can can have a negative impact on your musculoskeletal system. You need to stand properly to enhance your balance. This distributes your weight evenly throughout your body beginning with your feet and moving all the way up. Proper footwear is key. You should find shoes that support your feet properly while still being safe and work appropriate. Make sure that your shoes fit properly, have a soft sole and provide good arch support. You can also modify your existing shoes by adding a custom orthotic or over the counter arch supporting insoles.

If your job requires you to stand all day, ideally it is not on a hard surface. Using an “anti-fatigue mat” can reduce the strain on your body. Wearing a Posture Medic helps keep your neck and shoulders aligned to reduce the stress and pain of standing for such extended periods.

While standing, pull your naval towards the back of your spine and tuck your hips under. Stand tall and keep your chin tucked in – do not stick it forward.

Be sure to shift your position regularly so that your muscles do not get stiff. It may also be helpful to occasionally stand with one foot on a stool to relieve the pressure on your back. Take breaks throughout the day and stretch with the Posture Medic to loosen those tight and sore muscles.

Posture Medic Do:

  • Do — view all videos and how-to pictures here on our Instructions pages to learn the proper steps.
  • Do — begin by wearing your Posture Medic for no more than 15 minutes per day to assess your body’s imbalances.
  • Do — begin by doing basic stretches 1x per day, for 5-15 seconds to assess tightness.
  • Do — begin by doing basic exercises 1x per day, 15 repetitions to assess weakness.
  • Do — use the Posture Medic as a reminder to maintain good posture.
  • Do — basic exercises and stretches daily.

Posture Medic Don’t:

  • Do NOT wear for longer then 30 minutes at a time.
  • Do NOT continue to wear if any tingling begins in your arms (immediately remove).
  • Do NOT continue to wear if any pain or pinching arises (immediately remove).
  • Do NOT count on Posture Medic to fix your posture just by wearing it, you must do the stretches and exercises to gain long term success.
  • Do NOT use Posture Medic for ANY other purpose than is expressed through our instructions found in our Instruction Manual.